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our expertise

We have expert knowledge of materials, design, and manufacturing. We provide our customers with on-going technical advice and support. We offer consultation in your product development requirements absolutely free. We have requisite technical expertise. We manufacture gaskets, seals and other components to meet the requisite specifications and ensure that various engines and allied parts are effectively sealed and safe under extreme conditions. Our vast knowledge of materials, design and production, make our products a more better choice than others in the competition.

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Custom Gaskets & Seals

We can supply custom gaskets & seals of any dimensions and in any gasket material. We make the gasket that you need, to meet your specifications in the most economical way.

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Economical Production

We work with our customers and assist them in the development of the product including the design and material selection and ensure that the final product is economical and appropriate, which meets their requirements and specifications.

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Manufacturing process

We can manufacture from samples, technical drawings, or straight from electronic drawing files (such as a CAD and DXF files).