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Gasket is a flexible component to create a seal between surfaces. The exact function of a gasket is to prevent the escape or ingress of fluids (liquids or gases) even at extreme pressure or temperature. Individual gaskets are each designed to address the sealing problems unique to the aftermarket repair environment. Its applications are vide and is used in various automobile engine s, compressors, generators, Transformers, Pumps etc. Our vast knowledge of materials, design and production, makes our product a better choice than others in the competition.

Automobile Gasket


We are trusted manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Two wheeler, Three wheeler and small commercial vehicle automobile gaskets which includes head gasket, block gasket, Clutch cover gasket, Magnet cover gasket, Gear box gasket, Crank case cover gasket, Reed Valve Gasket, Manifold Gasket, Gear Shifter Gasket, Rocker cover gasket, Tappet Cover Gasket, Oil filter gasket, Oil Pump Gaskets, Carburetor Gasket, Rocker Rings, Flange gasket, Copper rings, O-rings, Oil seals, Chain Tensioner gasket, exhaust gaskets etc. These gaskets are available in various packing: full set, half set, in each pack (IEP), bunch as per the requirements.

Bajaj Group
1. Pulsar 150/180 2. Pulsar 150 AS
3. Pulsar 200/220 4. Pulsar 200 NS/RS/AS
5. Vikrant 12/15 6. Discover 100/100T
7. Discover 100M 8. Discover 125N/M
9. Discover 125 ST/ Pulsar 135 10. Discover 150
11. XCD 125/135 12. Platina 125
13. Platina 100/CT 100 14. Kawasaki 4S Old Model
15. Kawasaki 4S New Model 16. Platina Confortec ES/KS
17. Discover 125 Old Model 18. Discover 135
19. M80 Old Model 20. M80 New Model
21. M80 Major 4 Stroke 22. Sunny
23. Spirit
TVS Group
1. RTR Apache 160 2. RTR Apache 180
3. Wego/Jupiter 4. Star 110cc / Sports 100cc
5. STAR/ CITY 100cc/Sports 100cc Kick Start 6. TVS SCOOTY 50CC
Yamaha Group
1. R15 2. FZ
3. Crux 4. RX100
5. Faizer/YBX 150/Gladiator
Hero Group
1. Splendor 2. Super splendour
3. Passion 4. Passion Pro
5. Pleasure 6. CD Delux
Honda Group
1. Activa Old Model 2. Activa New Model
3. Activa 125cc 4. Dream Yuga
5. Shine 6. Unicorn
7. CBZ Extreme 8. Karizama
9. Dio
Hero Honda Group
1. Hero Honda
Royal Endfield
1. Thunderbird 2. Classic Bullet
Bajaj Group
1. V-3 REAR ENGINE 3 PORT New Model 2. V-3 RE 5 PORT Old Model
3. V-3 RE 5 PORT New Model 4. RE 2 STROKE 145 & RE 145 D
5. RE GDI 6. RE 205, 205D & 205M
7. V-3 RE 4-STROKE 8. RE COMPACT 4st & OPTIMA 4s
Ape Group

Flange Gaskets


Flange gaskets are used to create a static seal between two flange faces, at various operating conditions, with varied pressure and temperature ratings. A gasket fills the microscopic spaces and irregularities of the flange faces, and then it forms a seal that is designed to keep liquids and gases. Correct installation of damage-free gaskets and damage-free flange faces is a requirement for a leak-free flange connection.

Application of Flange Gasket

• Petrochemical, Oil and Gas - Pipelines
• Medical
• Plumbing
• Chemical
• HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)
• Food

Industrial Gasket


We are manufacturer of different industrial gaskets from materials such as Cork , Foam, flexoid, Graphite, tin, Copper, CRCA Washer, Non Asbestos , combination of materials & Kraft Paper . We have the capability of manufacturing gaskets as per the requirements given by our customers.

Types of Industrial Gasket
Cork Gasket Application
• Automotive
• Oil Pump
• Valve Cover Gaskets
• Oil & Transmission Pans
• Noise reduction
• Cushioning
Foam Gasket Application
• Insulation
• Electrical absorption
• Cushioning
• Fluid Restriction
• Noise reduction
• Weather resistance
Washer Application
• General Purpose Bolting
• Structural Bolting
• Load-Cycling
• Noise And Vibration Reduction
Non-Asbestos Gasket Application
• Oil & Gas
• Chemical Processing
• Petrochemical Industry
• Process Industry
• Automobile Industry
Exhaust Gasket Application
• High Temperature
• Automobile Industry
Kraft paper gasket Application
• Electrical Industries (Insulation)
• Cable/Wire Insulation,Transformer Insulation

Custom Made Gasket


We are also manufacture a Custom Cut Gaskets, made to order. Simply send us your CAD file, detailed drawing or gasket photo (Scan Copy: Scale 1:1 in JPG Format) and we can manufacture your fully customized gasket design. The end result is a quality gasket, made to your specifications, priced right and shipped in days.

Rubber Gasket


We hold expertise in offering rubber gaskets, which is procured from authentic vendors of themarket. These rubber gaskets prevent gas leakage and thus are widely used in variousengineering and automobile industries. These rubber gaskets are fabricated usingpremium grades of rubber at our vendors end and are known for durability and have alonger functional life. Our offered high precision rubber gaskets are used in where oil,fluids and extreme temperature conditions are prevalent.

Types of Rubber Gasket
EPDM Rubber Gasket Application
• Oil & Gas Industry
• High Temperature Range 60°C to350°C
• Electric Industry
• Chemical Industry
Silicon Rubber Gasket Application
• Food Industry>
• Pharmaceutical Industry>
• High Temperature Range -55°C to +300°C.>
• Chemical Industry
Nitrile Rubber Gasket Application
• Railways
• Automobile Industry
• Construction Industry
Neoprene Rubber Gaske Application
• Electrical Connectors
• Aerospace Industry
O Ring Application
• Static Axial Seal
• Reciprocating Dynamic Seal
• Rotary Seal

Silicon Beaded Gaskets


Gasket beading is an outstanding choice for improving seal ability and can eliminate the need to redesign flanges or upgrade materials when resolving performance issues. Beaded gasket technology employs the application of a high-performance, resilient elastomer to the surface of a gasket. The bead improves the seal ability of the gasket by concentrating available load on the areas of the gasket where the bead has been applied.

Application of Silicon Beaded Gasket

• Automotive Industry
• Heavy Equipment
• Industrial Sealing (Valves & fluid Sealing)

Precision Press Parts


We are experienced manufacturers and traders of quality Press Parts, which are produced using high technological machines and quality raw material. These are light weight components that can be carried easily. We manufacture all types of Precision Press Parts as per customer specifications.